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You can start from anywhere and be anywhere! If you have a mobile phone in your pocket, you always have your language classes with you!

How does the teaching work?

At the Language Agency, everything takes place on your chosen dates and at your chosen times with the online teacher (a live teacher, not e-Learning!). We teach via the professional platforms ZOOM, WebEx and Speakway. If you prefer Skype, Messenger, or others, we will adapt to you!

Tailor-made online language courses:

  • Personal online teacher
  • Live teaching with the help of top technical support
  • Private tuition: individual or in small groups by carefully selected teachers

With public courses max. 3 people per course!

  • You can choose a permanent teacher or a combination of teachers.
  • Possibility of fixed deadlines, or flexible deadlines if you work in shifts, for example
  • You can start anywhere, anytime during the year.

Why choose online teaching with us?

  • You help you set your goals and we adjust the programme and pace of teaching on a platform that suits you.
  • We always have a basic plan. We always guarantee an equally qualified teacher 7/7, 24/24 in cases of substitution, illness, or changes of deadlines.
  • We continuously change the teachers in the courses so that teaching has the greatest possible impact on the achievement of your goals.
  • Constant monitoring of development according to LLI standards
  • Together we will fight for everything that will lead you to the goal!
  • Tip: Try our online course with a teacher and rotate tutors for a greater teaching effect! For example, once a week 90 minutes of grammar and once a week 90 minutes of conversation with a native speaker from the USA, Canada, Britain ...

Private tuition:

TIP: Save costs! Arrange with a colleague, a friend and share the cost of private tuition! The price is valid for 1-3 people in the lesson.

What level of course to choose?

  • Beginnerd

o   for beginners and eternal beginners

  • Advanced

o   For those who already have some experience with the language,

o   regardless of level (Public Advanced courses all take place at the same time.)

  • Expert

o   Professional language, professional focus

o   Preparation for international exams and state examinations,

o   Professional topics (banking, law, medicine ....

Public courses:

We are preparing.…! As of January 2021, it will be possible to register for public courses. Our offer courses is available on the phone number at contact.

Company training:

You can compile requirements for your company courses in the following form!

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