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Poptávka firemní výuky

We teach in small, medium-sized companies and multinational corporations.

Who we are?

  • stable company started in the Czech Republic, based in Austria
  • 16 years on the market, one of the first in online teaching
  • 40 active, 20 external lecturers
  • A team with experience - we can teach anyone from the control room, the head of the legal department to the bus driver
  • Tailor-made teaching - among our clients we have lawyers, economists, teachers
  • Professional specialization is not an obstacle

What can we arrange for you?

  • Teaching, translations, interpreting, training, consultations
  • Organization of company presentations or events and parties
  • 14 main languages ​​taught (French, English, German, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Hungarian, Macedonian) + more
  • Teaching takes place in the above languages
  • Agreed frequency and length of lessons for individuals or groups

Why us?

  • We are wherever the internet is.
  • No subcontractors
  • No travel costs for education
  • 20 countries, 150 people, but only 1 invoice
  • Help line available 24/7/365
  • We do not do e-Learning; our teachers teach, not a machine.

Why online?

  • 100% flexibility - even in the case of substitution, illness, leave - always a fully qualified lecturer, translator, interpreter at a given time.
  • Smaller groups (individually) compared to physical courses
  • Security of availability - We do not care where you are or where we are, the important thing is that we spend time together.
  • Lecturers from Portugal through Spain, France, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic to Russia, Malaysia, and the Republic of South Africa

Our moto

  • We make your problems ours.
  • Our teacher goes shopping in the morning, then to the post office, then on to work, the same as his clientfacing the same challenges, only in another countryand in a different language; only he or she is able to talk to the learner on a professional level.
  • Carefully selected teachers from the same field as the client guarantee active and practical use of the target language.
  • Different to other sciences, language has the wonderful feature that it can be used every day!

Selected references

  • Oberbank AG, online teaching of all branches in the Czech Republic
  • Keihin Thermal Technology – courses for top management
  • CTU - teaching of leading scientists
  • Dachser, Czech Republic - teaching the whole team (95 people)
  • WYMA Europe
  • Luxembourg International Bank
  • Societe Génerale Bank & Trust
  • New Powerboats
  • Messer Technogas, Bontaz Center, DHL, Alpiq,
  • Samsic Facility Services Luxembourg, Amazon,
  • and many others...…

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Poptávka firemní výuky