Tlumočnické služby

Poptávka tlumočení

At the Language Agency, we are able to arrange both online and physical interpreters for you,

The online interpreter is with you anywhere on your computer, mobile phone, tablet. You can determine the time and platform (application) through which the meeting will take place and we will join you from Germany, England, France, Ireland, France, Canada, Spain ...

A physical interpreter can come to you wherever you specify. If the interpreter and the client are from different countries, we will come to you at your destination.


We divide our interpreting services into four subcategories:

General interpreting

Interpreting during a speech, conference or personal meeting with a client.

Court interpreting

This is interpretation during court proceedings. We provide court interpreting in all languages.

Simultaneous interpreting

This is usually conference interpreting for speakers who speak their mother tongue or approved working languages. In interpreting booths, interpreters interpret into the participants' headphones in their preferred language. There are two interpreters in each booth at the same time. On request, we are also able to provide interpreting equipment.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting covers interpreting where the interpreter waits for a speaker to complete a part of the speech, which they then pause, giving the interpreter time to translate into the other language. This type of interpreting is most often used at business.

Poptávka tlumočení